Rhinebeck - Town/Village Waste Disposal

The Town of Rhinebeck operates a transfer station/recycling center which is located on Stone Church Road in the town. Its services are avaiable to all Rhinebeck Town and Village residents. See Town Transfer Station below for days/times of operation and fee schedule.

Within Rhinebeck Village, residential garbage and recycling pickup is provided by the village government. See Village Garbage & Recycling below for a detailed schedule of times and fees.

Town Transfer Station - (845) 758-3405

Times and Days of Operation:
The transfer station/recycling center (TS/RC) is open for residents' use as follows:

If for any reason it is necessary to close the TS/RC on a Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, advance notice will be posted at the TS/RC and adervitised in the Gazette.

Regulations and Policies:
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Village Garbage & Recycling

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